Questions for Dr. Abiy in Frankfurt

ዶር አቢይን ለማግኘት መምጣት የምትችሉ ወይም የማትችሉ ጥያቄአችሁን ሌሎችም እንዲያዉቁት አስቀድማችሁ አቅርቡ:: በአማርኛ ወይም በእንግሊዝኛ ብቻ :: Please write in the comment section.

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  1. Dear ledies & Gentleman ( Dear Ethiopians),

    I hope you have a professional way in organizing the event which will occur on 31st of October in Frankfurt Germany in order to welcome our excellence prime minister Dr. Abiy.

    Kind regards

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  3. I am very glad for the coming of Dr. Abiy as a hopful, reconciler, pragmatic, wide scoped and dear leader of ethiopia. No weight will be heavy to carry in order to support him doing his job well in our country. Taking the COPLICATIONS and so many PROBLEMS in to account, I say Dr. Abiy, you are BRAVE, and please DON´T GIVE UP and CARRY ON. I am sure we will be with you sucessful!!
    Law and order first, clearing your surrounding and building a change team till the bottom of adminstration levels and stopping toxic propogands and war proclamation from different individuals, like GIGI from Germany, who lives in the country of democracy and human right but spreading hate propoganda and war agitations against non OROMOS living in OROMIA. For her and other illminded asocial individuals, no ground to go freely in any form.
    I am proud of you and pleased to join this positive change see alive.
    Long live our togetherness and fairful Ethiopia for all of us.

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